Family Fun: Tour Championship at East Lake

My Husband and I took our almost 5 year old and 3 year old to the Tour Championship at East Lake. My husband and boys love golf.

Thursday is a great day to take the little ones.  Golfers are eager to sign flags for the kids (except Phil – that’s a different post). Jim Furyk is particularly amazing with the kids, so I hope he wins.

At 4:00p, the tournament put on a motivational speaker for the kids – fantastic. I always think of golf as being such an elitist sport but after our experience at East Lake, I definitely think a little differently (expect for Phil!).


Family Yum: What Dish to Bring to a Cookout

The last picnic of the 2013 summer season has came and left. The question I always struggle with is what to bring to that final cookout? What will leave people speechless and begging for “that” recipe?

I answered the question with this star of the summer… Strawberry Bruschetta. This was an immediate hit and gone way too quick.

To keep everything as fresh a possible, I made the strawberries ahead of time and pre-sliced and put cheese on the toasts.  Once I arrived at the picnic, I assembled the breads and drizzled them with the oil and balsamic. With everything prepped this was a quick and easy set up and didn’t take any time away from the cookout and spending time with my family.

Family Yum: Frosty Caboose

Trains, Trains and More Trains? Yes, Please!

Our boys absolutely love trains!  There’s nothing locomotive related they don’t want to do or try, so when we found the The Frosty Caboose, we had to go.  This is such a fun concept.  It is an  ice cream shop in Downtown Chamblee, Georgia, that is done out of an old caboose located right by a train track.  You get to have ice cream while you watch the trains go by.  You also get to climb aboard and explore the train.  As a plus, younger children and dogs get a free ice cream.  So grab plenty of napkins and a camera and have a great time!


Family Fun: Blueberry Picking At The Blueberry Patch

So, the kids and I are up in Hiawassee, GA this week. In plotting out what our dBlueberry Picking At The Blueberry Patch in Hiawasseeaily adventure should be, we decided to go blueberry picking. Much to my surprise there is a Blueberry Patch (look under Towns County and you will see Blueberry Patch) in Hiawassee. I was some what reluctant as the verbiage I read was as such: The Blueberry Patch is a small hostel outside of Hiawassee, GA run by a former thru hiker and his wife. While I love the idea of hostel, you never know what you are going to get making me even more nervous with kids. So, I called up the Blueberry Patch and spoke to the owner, Gary, and decided to give it a chance.

Located off of Hwy. 76 E headed towards Clayton, GA, is this beautiful blueberry patch tucked behind a quaint hostel. Unlike most u-pick farms, this one was quiet. The kids could yell, run and explore. This, by far and away, has been the best u-pick experience. This is a smaller crop with lots of character. Gary, the owner, was so sweet and even gave us an all natural bug repellent made from a geranium plant. Gary, also, invited us back and made sure we knew about the honor system in case he wasn’t around to chaperone us through his farm.

The kids and I managed to pick 2.5 lbs of blueberries, before we were chased out, by yet another, summer storm. We decided to make a blueberry pie with some of our berries – thank you Pioneer Woman for the delicious and easy recipe.

As always, apply the bug spray and sunblock. Be sure to call ahead (706-896-4893) to ensure availability. Happy Picking!

Family Education: Imagine That Fun Summer Camp

Flashback to May of 2013: Summer is approaching… Panic is setting in…. What am I going to do with the kidsImagine That Fun Camp Logo with the summer (eek!).

I looked at several camps, but what I kept coming back to was the Imagine That Fun camp. My kids are very hands on, very in to science, so this seemed to be a perfect fit for my three and almost five year old boys. Part of the reason I selected the camp was so my three year old could attend camp with his older brother.

The camp was fantastic. Both boys really enjoyed themselves. I signed them up for the Technically Icky session. The focus of this session was icky squishy science. The class made GAK, built machines, learned about the body, and much, much more.

They also spent sometime on the playground so definitely apply the bug spray and sun block prior to camp.


Family Fun: Despicable 2 Movie

The kids loved Despicable Me, so when the sequel cameDespicable Me 2 Movie out they really wanted to go to the movie theater to see it. This was a great movie! Entertaining enough to keep the kids preoccupied but not so long that they got antsy. Our theater provided a fun kid snack pack that they loved, although next time I’d let them share as it was a bit big for them.

As a tip: I would get there earlier and grab a booster seat provided at the entrance of the theater and get them a nice back row seat!



Family Fun: Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Okay, so I have to admit… Not nearly as cool as the Boston Children’sImagine It! The Children's Museum of Atlanta Museum, but the kids enjoyed the current exhibit, Weebles Coast to Coast.  Featuring a 50-state educational display until September 8th.  Highlight for my kids were:

  • The Portland Head Lighthouse
  • The St. Louis Gateway Arch
  • The Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon
  • And the ship wheel from Connecticut & Rhode Island

Of course my kids enjoyed the other areas of the museum, the Tools for Solutions (a total boy magnet!) and the very sparse fundamentally food section. A special bonus for us… Blue Bell Ice Cream was on site giving out sample cups of vanilla ice cream.

Final Verdict: If you live in Atlanta, definitely checkout the museum, the current Weebles exhibit is pretty cool. If you are visiting Atlanta… skip it – other way more cool attractions!


Family Fun: Peach Picking at Gardner Farm

We buckled the kids in and headed south to Gardner Farm for some goodGardner Farm Logo, old-fashioned peach picking fun! Once again the kids had a blast and so did we.

Peach trees tend to be more dwarf in size, which was particularly exciting for my 18-month old who enjoyed picking peaches right off the tree.

This farm, located in Locust Grove, also offers blackberry and blueberries as part of their “u-pick” farm. We paid $15 for a 4.5 gallon bucket of peaches that we picked. We had so many peaches, we gave a lot away made some great recipes (see recipe section of this blog). We, also, went early as we wanted to beat the heat.

Don’t forget the bug spray and the sunblock!

Details about Gardner Farms

  • Located in Locust Grove at 3192 Highway 42 South
  • Phone: 770.957.4912
  • “U-Pick” is open 7am – 1pm, Monday through Saturday (call to confirm)

What we didn’t realize is that Locust Grove is really close to Tanger Outlets. Kid shopping includes: Old Navy, Gap, Carter’s, The Children’s Place and Gymboree Outlet… Just to name a few.

Plan your trip South, pick some fruit and then checkout all the fantastic shops at Tanger!


Family Yum: No-Cook Peach Ice Cream

With summer in full swing, we have been making weekly ice cream. Such a great activity for the kids and a great way to cool down. This week, we decided to try something with peaches since we had so many from our recent each peach picking expedition.  We tried the No-Cook Peach Ice Cream. It was super easy, and the kids had a blast getting dirty and sticky while peeling the peaches.  It only took 30 minutes to make and all the kids loved it!

Family Yum: Peach Jam

Recently, we visited Gardner Farms to pick peaches (post coming soon on the very fun family outing!). We quickly filled a 5 gallon bucket of peaches and there was no way we could eat all of those peaches before they started to overripe. So.. what did we do? Made supper yummy and easy peach preserves.  The nice thing about making preserves is that it’s super easy and they have a long shelf life.  Having made the strawberry preserves a few weeks ago, I found this recipe to be quite a bit easier.  I’m sure it’s because I didn’t have to research everything from how to clean the jars to ensuring the jam was actually ready to be jared. This is a three ingredient, easy and delicious jam: peaches, sugar and pectin. For a crowd pleaser, serve it with warm brie and bread.